FAITH IN YOU #FridayRead and a Snowy Day

Good morning, everyone! Sorry to be a little late today, but it’s a very snowy day today in NJ! We have at least eight inches on the ground, bitter cold, and the plows have not come around yet. On top of that, we have a fox on the prowl through the yards and it’s been scaring away our little feral cats. Here are some photos of the snow!

Today I’ve got a free read for you from FAITH IN YOU, my contemporary romance re-release. It’s currently on sale for .99 to celebrate the release of TORI GOT LUCKY.

FAITH IN YOU is one of my personal favorites. When Paul Stone first came to life in NOW AND ALWAYS, I knew he was much more complicated than he seemed. I loved exploring the differences between his dysfunctional family and Carmen’s tight-knit clan. It was really heart wrenching at times as Paul struggles to accept the kind of unconditional love which Carmen has been lucky to have all her life.

In this scene, Paul has no where to go for Christmas Eve and has decided to go to his partner’s home where he meets Carmen, her irresistible younger sister. The attraction between them is instantaneous and powerful. Also humorous. That’s the other thing I loved about this book – the fun that Paul and Carmen have together.

I hope you enjoy it also! If you can’t see the excerpt below, you can click here!

FAITH IN YOU Contemporary Romance

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  1. We’re expecting lots of snow Sunday followed by freezing rain on Monday; won’t that be lovely???
    Have a great weekend!

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