#ManCandyMonday Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packer

This was not a good football weekend in my house. Every single one of the teams I was rooting for lost. UGH. I guess I cursed them. Next week I guess I’ll root for the team I want to lose and maybe the reverse will happen? LOL!

Today’s Man Candy choice is Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Yes, the daable-check insurance guy. Funny commercials.

He’s a cutie with a great smile and also with great leadership and determination from what I can see. What do you think?


Photo credit: Mike Morbeck@en.wikipedia.com

3 thoughts on “#ManCandyMonday Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packer”

  1. Hope your day went well; ours was ice all over the cars and roads of course, with some snow thrown in. The good thing? It warmed up, the bad? back to -25C tonight.

    He is a cutie and I bet he could warm us up!!!

  2. I do not watch football, but I happened to see the last five minutes of the Green Bay game when I was out for dinner yesterday… boy did those people look cold! BRRRRRR!

  3. Happy Monday!!! We are getting SNOW the next 2 days. And a lot of strong wind gusts. Today is a great day to stay in and read one of your books. Stay warm and safe everyone in the storms!!!—Rachel

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