Deviled Ham Sandwich #Recipe

I really don’t know how the deviled ham sandwich, also known as a bocadito, got started in Cuba. All I know is that it was a staple of every party we ever had and it is always a favorite. The best thing: It’s EASY to make.

So here goes!

Deviled Ham Sandwiches

2 (two) 4 oz cans deviled ham spread (I use Underwood)
1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup ketchup
1 8 oz bar cream cheese
Your choice of sandwich rolls or bread

Soften the cream cheese with the milk and ketchup. Blend until smooth and then add the deviled ham. Mix.

That’s it! There are variations that add mayo and/or chopped pimentos. I love pimentos so I may add them the next time to half of the mix for a little variety.

I like to refrigerate the mix for a couple of hours so it’s not so runny. Once it’s a little firmer, spread on the rolls and/or bread.

We love it on potato bread and we always cut off the crusts.

Hope you liked today’s nice and simple recipe!

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