DIE FOR LOVE Behind the Scenes Union Square

DIE FOR LOVE Vampire Romantic SuspenseToday I’m giving you a little behind the scenes into DIE FOR LOVE, my December release from THE REBORN\CALLING Vampire novel series.

Those of you who have been following the series have seen quite a lot of different neighborhoods in New York City. From Ryder’s luxurious East Side building to Diego’s upscale Central Park West residence. Down to the Lower East Side and the Blood Bank and Ryder’s The Lair in Tribeca. Not to mention, Soho, Highbridge, Harlem, and Spanish Harlem.

New York City is filled with eclectic neighborhoods and in DIE FOR LOVE, I wanted to show yet another New York City neighborhood, namely, Union Square.

Union Square sits at a weird meeting of two streets, namely where Broadway and Fourth Avenue (formerly Bowery Road) come together. In fact, it was because of the awkward joining of these two roads that it was decided that the best thing to do would be to place a square there. Over the years, the square was expanded, fountains and statues were added, and the area became quite the place to live. Here’s a postcard from what Union Square looked like in 1908.

Union Square in 1908

Union Square has been the site of a great deal of activity, from social protests to the green markets held in the square. It’s also a great place just to hangout and enjoy the city since you kind of have that elegant vibe, but also the funkiness of the nearby village.

For me it was the perfect place to put FBI Assistant Director in Charge Jesus Hernandez’s condo since it’s not that far to FBI offices. Plus, he’s a man whose made his way in life and now can afford something like a condo overlooking Union Square. It also made for a nice open area where his dhampir lover, Michaela, could confront some of the vampire nasties out to hurt her.

Here’s a shot of what the area might look like from J’s (that’s what Michaela calls Jesus) condo!
Union Square looking North

I hope you enjoyed today’s behind the scenes look at DIE FOR LOVE.

Photo Credit: chensiyuan@en.wikipedia.com