#ThrowBackThursday & a Debut Author

We’re going back in time today on this Throwback Thursday and I’m wondering, “Did I really think those huge ass glasses made me look good?”

Of course, it’s hard for me not to smile as I remember this moment with my best friend, my daughter, aka the debut author of FOLLOWING JANE.

I am so proud of her for writing a book and for all that she has accomplished! You rock, Samantha.


What about you? Did you have glasses like this? Or how about those man shoulder pads that were so popular in the ’80s? I’m sure we could have lent them to an NFL player for a little extra protection! LOL!

5 thoughts on “#ThrowBackThursday & a Debut Author”

  1. I had the big glasses and shoulder pads; do you remember skorts and hotpants? Also bell bottoms??? I’m aging myself here!

  2. OMG I really was doing the Miley tongue thing since I was young! Insane! And hey you were my influence, my drive, and my hero. Don’t be proud of me, be proud of yourself 🙂

    Also I want those frames. And you said you are pretty sure you still have them so please and thank you hand them over ;p

  3. My sister had big glasses when she was younger… too many days spent right up against the TV… as for the shoulder pads, I remember a shirt or two that had them… I actually cut them out, lol!

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