Hunky Carpenters on #ManCandyMonday

I love watching reality shows about home renovations. Maybe I love them too much which is why we’ve gone through a series of renovations on our home. We actually started with a 50s ranch and turned it into a two story colonial with a new garage, kitchen, deck. You name it, we’ve redone it practically over the many years.

My husband cringes every time he catches me watching one of these shows because he worries I’ll want to do something else to the house!

Little does hubby know the real reason for watching: some very very hunky carpenters like Rey from The Perfect Mix and the Lucky 7 Bad Boys Contemporary Romance Boxed Set.

I’m bringing you not one, but five sexy carpenters. Just click here for this morning’s Man Candy Monday Hunky Carpenters.

Lucky 7 Bad Boys

One thought on “Hunky Carpenters on #ManCandyMonday”

  1. My husband is the same, he thinks I’m watching for the ideas; he just doesn’t know what ideas can go through my head!!!

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