#TeaseTues THE PERFECT MIX and a Flan #Recipe

THE PERFECT MIX Contemporary RomanceWe’re trying something new today! A teaser and a recipe!

This scene is from The Perfect Mix which will be released shortly and will be available in the Lucky 7 Bad Boys Contemporary Romance Box Set!

In this scene, Bianca and Rey are returning from their first real date. They’ve put off dessert at the restaurant in favor of a tasty chocolate flan back at Bianca’s apartment. Of course, there are things much tastier than the flan in this scene! LOL!

Tuesday Teaser from The Perfect Mix:

Bianca glanced over her shoulder at him. “Ever flip a flan?”

He chuckled. “Now that is a line I’ve never heard before. How does one do this infamous flan flipping?”

She handed him an angel food cake pan. He knew that much because his sister had gone through a phase while he was in jail when she always brought him an angel food cake when she was visiting. It was almost as if she thought the sweet cake might lessen the bitterness of their separation.

The pan he held was cold and filled with something chocolaty and wet. He had little time to consider anything else when Bianca placed a regular plate, one slightly larger than the size of the pan, face down on top of the baking pan.

“Now what?” he asked, meeting her amused gaze.

“Well, there are two ways — ”

“Only two? How boring,” he said and waggled an eyebrow suggestively.

She nudged him playfully and resumed her explanation. “You can either hold the edges of both plates together, like this,” she said and demonstrated. “Or, since you have such big hands — ”

“I’m glad you noticed,” he teased and was rewarded with another playful jab from Bianca before she rearranged his hands on the plate and pan. She covered each of his hands with one of hers and met his gaze.

“The idea is to get the flan inside the pan on the plate. So we have to flip it fast. On three, okay?”

Not trusting his culinary skills, Rey had visions of wet chocolaty goo spewing all over the kitchen walls. But he humored Bianca and nodded. As they neared the count of three, she exerted gentle pressure on his hands. On three the two of them simultaneously inverted the position of the pan and plate.

“Hey,” he shouted and grinned at the fact that they had managed it without any flying bits of stuff. “Now what?”

Bianca took the plate from his hands and the gurgling hissing sounds of the espresso pot warned that she had to deal with that as well.

“Now you go sit while I get dessert and coffee ready.”

Rey plopped onto the sofa as Bianca prepared the coffees and plates with the flan, placed them on a serving tray, and walked over. She laid the tray on the low coffee table and sat down at the far end of the couch.

“Help yourself,” she said.

Rey did, but not to the tempting dessert. Contrary to all his hesitation about starting a relationship with her, she was just too hard to resist.

He shifted on the couch until he was next to her and laid his hand on the gap between her neck and shoulder, tracing the edge of her collarbone with his finger.

She glanced at him, her eyes wide and questioning.

“I was hoping for something really sweet.” He bent his head, replacing his thumb on her collarbone with his lips. He opened his mouth and sampled the tender skin there.

“Something really tasty,” he continued as he moved his mouth upward to her neck, shifted his hand to the small of her back, and urged her closer.

* * *

Whew! It does get even sexier, but that’s for another day! As promised, you can click here for my family’s Cuban flan recipe.