#Freebie Friday FAITH IN YOU Contemporary Romance

To celebrate the release of TORI GOT LUCKY and THE PERFECT MIX, I’ve got a freebie for you today! You can download FAITH IN YOU for free until midnight EST.

Don’t forget that The Perfect Mix is part of the Lucky 7 Bad Boys Contemporary Romance Box Set which is available for pre-order and specially priced at .99 for a limited time.

FBI Agent Paul Stone, who you first met in NOW AND ALWAYS, is the hero of this story and who would be the most unlikely love interest? Yes, Carmen Gonzalez, Connie’s younger sister. Carmen finds it hard to believe at first that the modest, funny, and almost insecure Paul is the man who had been the bane of her sister’s existence at the FBI Academy and who broke her sister’s arm.

Starting off on such rocky footing sure made for an interesting first encounter.

But there’s no denying the love that grows between them before insecurity and family issues (on Paul’s side) begin to cause problems for Paul and Carmen.

Of course, there is also some sexiness with one of the hottest scenes that I think that I’ve ever written. It involves a game of strip dominoes. You can take it from there.

So here’s your chance to have one of my favs for free! Just click here to download FAITH IN YOU for free until midnight EST. If you can, please leave an honest review for me when you’re done reading!