#TeaserTuesday The Perfect Mix & Tamale #Recipe

THE PERFECT MIX Contemporary RomanceIt’s Teaser Tuesday I’ve got a little tease from The Perfect Mix and a tamale recipe!


The denim jeans and shirt molded to his muscles were wet with sweat. Dirty from the labor he had done. As if sensing her presence, he turned and grinned at her, the dimple in his cheek deepening. His gaze as hot as the summer day as he skimmed it over her.

His grin kicked up her heartbeat a notch and awakened other parts of her anatomy.
He laid down his hammer and walked toward her, the swagger in his hips all too enticing and accentuated by the leather tool belt which rode low on those hips, like a gunfighter’s belt. Rey stopped when he was only a few inches before her and pulled off his heavy work gloves.

This close, his very male smell reached her nostrils as did the heat pouring off his skin. He cradled her cheek and she leaned into his caress, loving the rough feel of his palm. Reaching up, she grasped his hand and brought it to her lips, kissing the hard earned callouses there. Biting at the fleshy pad at the base of his thumb and drawing a sigh from his lips.

“Bianca,” he said as he took a breath and moved a step closer until the leather of his belt was rubbing against the bare skin of her midriff.

She smiled at him, laid her hand on the smooth, satiny expanse of his muscled chest. Her hand was pale against the darker, pale caramel color of his skin. Skin warm from the summer heat and his exertions. Slightly, damp, slick and salty, she thought as she leaned forward and licked her tongue across the center of his chest.

Tamale Recipe

I absolutely won’t take any credit for these recipes that I’m listing here. The truth of it is, there is no easy way to make a tamale! I’ve tried various ways and have even made them totally from scratch, starting with taking the corn off the cob. It took an entire day which is why I rarely make them 🙁 and end up always ordering them when they are on a menu. So here are some tamale recipes you might want to try:

Allrecipes Tamale
Beef Tamales
What’s Cooking America Tamale Recipe
Alton Brown Hot Tamale Recipe

My mom used to make a variation on tamales called tamal en cazuela. This is a loose corn meal and pork mix that taste a lot like tamales. I love tamal en cazuela, 🙂 , but I haven’t made it in ages. I promised my daughter I would make it one weekend and I think this will be the weekend! Here is a recipe for it at the Babalu Blog!


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