#ThrowbackThursday The #Nerd in Me

The nerd in Caridad

That’s me in the middle, looking my nerdiest self. The Levittown Exchange Club honored the top three students from the four area high schools by having one student at every monthly meeting. I got a beautiful corsage, a certificate and my picture in the local paper. That’s my mom and dad with me, being all proud. The man to the top left was my high school principal and the other gentleman was a representative of the exchange.

I was and still am a nerd. Not a bad thing. I got good grades, played the bassoon, and was a jock. That got me a scholarship to Villanova and that was one of the best experiences of my life.

My one big desire as I finished high school was to write a book, but my immigrant parents had other ideas for me, namely, some kind of profession like a doctor or a lawyer.

Well, I did get my law degree and I’m thankful my mom pushed me to that because it’s made a big difference in my family’s life. But during all that time, the dream of being a writer never died.

After the birth of my daughter, I decided I had to do something to follow that dream. I had to do it for me and I had to do it for her because I wanted to show her that if you work hard enough, you can attain your dreams.

So I managed to do that and I think I did instill in my daughter that drive. I’m so proud of her taking a chance on buying the surf and skate shop and also, that like her mom, she wanted to write a book and she did! It was a great pleasure for me to edit and read FOLLOWING JANE and see such promise in her.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Throwback Thursday photo and thoughts.

2 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday The #Nerd in Me”

  1. I love the photo!! Congrats to your daughter on writing her first book. I know that you’re proud of her. I would love to see pics of her shop sometime.

  2. Loved the photo!!!! But doesn’t it feel weird when you look at yourself and see how you were? I have this photo taken of me with my sister, about 50 years ago now that I think about it and I still see myself in it; a lot slimmer, no gray hairs and smiling like a lunatic because my older sister was taking me somewhere! The memories!!!
    Congrats to your daughter and I’m sure she has a lot of you in her, proud Mama!

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