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To Catch Her Man #RomanticSuspenseIn TORI GOT LUCKY, you got to meet a number of twentysomething friends who were all searching for different things in their lives.

As you might gather from the title, Tori was lucky enough to find exactly what she needed her the man in her life, her family and her friends, Adriana, Juliana and Sylvia.

Tori’s friends, however, still had to follow their destinies and achieve the kind of happily-ever-after that Tori was lucky enough to get.

TO CATCH HER MAN is Sylvia’s story and I was so excited to be able to write it. TO CATCH HER MAN is darker and more dangerous than TORI GOT LUCKY. I guess that’s why we’re including it in the Dangerous Dozen Romantic Suspense Boxed set.

In this story, Sylvia is trying to deal with her attraction to undercover detective Carlos Ramirez. Worse yet, someone is accusing Carlos of being dirty and Sylvia is assigned the story and must uncover the truth about the accusation. Her investigation will risk her growing relationship with Carlos, but also the reputation of a hero cop who was killed while on an assignment. I hope you’ll like this emotionally charged and suspenseful story, but also a sexy and at times lighthearted story.

TO CATCH HER MAN will be available as a standalone release in late March. For now, you can get it as part of the Dangerous Dozen Romantic Suspense Boxed set.


Chapter 1

Sylvia Amenabar’s life was anything but ordinary thanks to her crazy three best friends, a mother who was a witch, and an undercover detective with whom she had yet to get under the covers.

But Sylvia loved her less than fairy tale life and wouldn’t change anything about it except possibly the part about not being beneath the covers with Carlos, the Bad Boy detective who had turned out to be a Prince. Come to think of it, on top of the covers or on the floor or even on the kitchen counter would do.

In reality, anywhere would do since all Sylvia could think about was having wild monkey sex with Carlos once he got out of the hospital. Of course, Carlos might interpret the having sex part as meaning more than just having sex, which complicated things.

Sylvia wasn’t sure that she was ready for anything more involved. Her friends, who were all now happily in the throes of committed relationships, would say she had intimacy issues and they would be totally right.

She didn’t trust men. As far as she was concerned, men were dogs. She would allow, however, for a few rare exceptions. The problem was that she didn’t know enough about Carlos to be able to decide if he was one of those exceptions. That was the reason why she wasn’t ready for anything hinting at a Happily-Ever-After kind of ending with him. But she was ready for sex with him. More than ready for it.

As her mother had warned her months earlier, Sylvia had met a man who had started an itch. Maybe sex with Carlos would satisfy that itch, although her mama, witch that she was for putting such a curse on her, would argue that with some men not even sex was enough.

Not that her mama was any kind of expert on that, Sylvia thought as she walked to Carlos’s hospital room in Miami’s Jackson Memorial.

Thirty years earlier, her mama had picked the absolutely wrong man. One who had impregnated her and then skipped out on most of his fatherly duties. She should be grateful that her father had at least provided for her financially, but that hadn’t made up for the missing dad on birthdays, holidays, and on those days when life wore you down and you needed someone to hold onto.

Her mama had always been that someone and of course, her friends. They had been there for her nearly a month earlier when Carlos had been shot protecting her.

Which added guilt with a capital G to the list of reasons why she wasn’t necessarily ready for anything more serious with Carlos. Her first investigative report on drug dealing in the South Beach hotspots had nearly gotten Carlos killed when he had used his body as a shield when the drug dealers had opened fire. They had been angry that her article in the glossy monthly magazine had created increased scrutiny on them and a drop in business.

Carlos, she thought, pausing at his door and taking a deep breath. Prince or a Bad Boy Frog? she asked herself yet again, but told herself she didn’t have to make that decision right at that moment.

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