#WriteWed Embracing Indie & Getting Organized

Last year was a crazy and brutal year publishing-wise. Although I had rights back to a number of books, including some of my favorites, I was unable to really focus on releasing them and going indie.

Not so this year. My goal this year was to embrace indie publishing and to do that I had to get organized. Big sigh. Anyone who has visited my home office knows organized is not a word to be used to describe my writing life. A big part of the reason is the lack of time that I have for it.

But lack of time doesn’t mean that you can’t get it done. It just means that you have to learn how to do it more efficiently. Going indie also meant that I had to establish my own schedules for what I wanted to do and when.

Thanks to my awesome buddy and awesome fellow writer Nisha Sharma, I’ve gotten organized. Or at least my knapsack and planner have.

Here’s what they look like now, including an awesome DREAM BIG bracelet thingie I got at the fabulous OG Surf and Skate shop in Neptune, NJ.

This has been really working for me because (1) I’m very visual and need to see things and (2) I’m still a needy kid inside who has to have little gold stars to tell her she’s doing okay.

LOL! So as you can see, there have been a number of stars on there as I complete the tasks I’ve scheduled. I keep the tasks on color-coded flags so I can move them around if need be.

Of course, there is just one thing I forgot to put on there and which totally belongs: Our Lucky 7 Bad Boys NY Times and USA Today achievement.

I will have to go and add that now and plan for even more good news like that. It’s going to be a lot of work this year, but like my mother always told me, “Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.”

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  1. Good luck and congrats on the organization!!! I’m not too bad with my own stuff but since there are 4 of us, it gets messy; and I no longer have the urge to yell at all to clean up their mess!!! So I live with it.

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