#TeaserTuesday TO CATCH HER MAN Romantic Suspense

To Catch Her Man #RomanticSuspenseIt’s #TeaserTuesday and I’ve got another short excerpt for you from TO CATCH HER MAN.

TO CATCH HER MAN will be available as a standalone release in late March. For now, you can get it as part of the Dangerous Dozen Romantic Suspense Boxed set which is specially priced at just .99 for a limited time. A real bargain for 12 – yes twelve!! – romantic suspense full length novels.

To read the start of this scene, you can click here for Chapter 1.


She still had a little time.

She knocked and entered after his muffled, “Come in.”

He had been reading a magazine, but smiled and tossed it aside as he saw her. The smile inched upward and lit up his eyes with their amazing mix of dark blue flecked with bits of teal and green. His hair hadn’t been trimmed in the month he’d been in the hospital and the dark sable locks were tousled around his face, highlighting his eyes. Rough evening stubble darkened his cheeks and the strong edge of his jaw, all of it combining to make him decidedly and dangerously sexy.

“Sylvia,” he said, the tones of his voice low. “I didn’t think you’d make it tonight.”

Visiting hours would be over in less than fifteen minutes, but an afternoon assignment for the magazine had run longer than expected. She hadn’t wanted to go the day without seeing him, however. Without maybe even cuddling close and sharing some physical intimacy the way they had the last couple of weeks.

She’d come to need that sharing with him, something she didn’t want to consider too intently for fear of what it would mean.

She walked over to the bed, sat on its edge, and examined him. A hint of his usual devil-may-care attitude glittered more brightly in his gaze tonight and she wondered why.

“You’re awfully chipper,” she said and kissed him, but what started as a chaste hello kiss quickly morphed into something more intense as Carlos opened his mouth and moved his hand to her waist to possessively bring her closer.

“I’m finally going home,” he somehow managed to get out between kisses and the slide of his tongue past the seam of her mouth.

“Mmm. Home,” she said and laid a hand on his muscled chest over the fiftyish style cotton pajamas his mother had insisted on bringing for him. “I’m sure you’ll be glad to be free of this getup,” she said and playfully tugged on the pajama shirt.

He covered her hand with his and stroked it. “I recall you freeing me of these quite nicely on a couple of occasions,” he said and pulled away. His eyes had dilated to a deeper blue and when she eased her hand from beneath his and undid the first button on the serviceable cotton pajamas, they darkened a bit more.

“Like this, you mean?” she teased and snuck her hand beneath the fabric to cup his taut pectoral muscle. Beneath her palm, his nipple tightened and she shifted her thumb, dragged it across the heard peak, earning a muffled protest.

“Sylvia,” he began, but she stopped him with a kiss and a tweak of the tight button of his nipple.

When they came up for air, she reminded, “We still have time before they come toss me out.”

“Definitely,” he said and with his free hand, he lowered the hospital bed until it was flat and she could climb in and snuggle up against him.

They kissed again and Carlos slipped his hand beneath the hem of her knit cotton sweater and upward to cup her breast. Her nipple beaded instantly with his touch. He took it between his thumb and forefinger, and gently rotated it, yanking a gasp of pleasure from her.

Her delight was short-lived as the door to his room flew open.

She scrambled out of his arms and off the bed to find his mother and sister at the door, the looks on their faces a combination of shock and displeasure.

She hastily rearranged her top as Carlos fumbled with the blankets to hide his erection.

“It’s late. I wasn’t expecting you,” he said as he raised the bed and shot Sylvia a look of dread from the corner of his eye.

The apprehension filling Carlos’s amazing blue-green eyes surprised her. She had thought that there was very little that could scare her big brave cop. Sneaking a glance at the source of that terror, namely his mom and sister, it occurred to her that they didn’t seem all that fear inspiring.

* * *

I hope you enjoyed this teaser and want to see what happens with sexy Carlos and the ever intriguing Sylvia!

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  1. I remember my Hubby’s sisters scaring the beej… out of me; he has 5 sisters!!! I didn’t stand a chance.

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