#ManCandyMonday Liam Neeson

The first time I laid eyes on Liam Neeson was when he played Blackie in the television mini-series adaptation of A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE.

There was just something about his black Irish looks that snagged my eye and I thought, “What a handsome man!” I knew he was destined to go on and play other roles because he had that kind of charisma that drew you.

Since then Liam has been dozens of television shows and movies, including the 2009 movie TAKEN which took him on a new road in his career.

Liam has earned critical acclaim for several roles he has played including Oskar Schindler in SCHINDLER’S LIST, MICHAEL COLLINS, THE CRUCIBLE, and KINSEY. I loved him as the grieving dad in LOVE ACTUALLY, one of my favorite movies.

I hope you enjoy this Monday’s Man Candy Choice!

Photo Credit: Karen Seto/司徒嘉蘭@en.wikipedia.com

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