#WriteWed Jersey Shore Inspiration

I grew up on Long Island and there wasn’t a spring/summer/fall we didn’t spend time at the beach. Whether it was fishing at Captree or swimming at Jones Beach, there was always a connection to the beach.

Whenever I went I felt energized, maybe because I’m a Pisces and water is my natural environment.

It’s no wonder that when we moved to Jersey, I eventually came to fall in love with the Jersey Shore. It’s not just the ocean to which I connected. It was all the small towns with their very different personalities and the sense of community in each of the unique towns.

It’s why I chose the Jersey Shore for quite a number of my latest books, from SINS OF THE FLESH to my upcoming release, JUST ONE NIGHT in the ONE NIGHT ONLY Erotic Romance anthology.

In JUST ONE NIGHT, the heroine’s family is wealthy and owns a large mansion along the Jersey Shore. The hero literally is from the wrong side of the tracks. I’ve found that the socioeconomic line drawn by the North Jersey Coast Line as it works its way along the Shore is quite pronounced in some towns.

In JUST ONE NIGHT, the hero has overcome those differences by attending college on a ROTC scholarship, but now it’s time for him to serve as a Marine to pay back that opportunity. The hero, Jason Hart, has just one night to prove to the woman of his dreams, his best friend’s slightly older sister, Nicole de Silva, that anything is possible.

So today, I’m sharing with you some pictures from my little neck of the woods along the Jersey Shore. I hope you’ll enjoy the photos!

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