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KISSED BY A VAMPIRE2000 year old vampire Stacia is one of my favorite characters from The Calling is Reborn Vampire Novel series.

She’s a vampire who doesn’t seem to mind being a vampire, but inside . . .

Stacia is complex, needy and has a fascinating history. She first popped on the scene in DEATH CALLS where she had a thing for Ryder. Possibly for Diana as well. LOL.

I loved her so much that when I was asked to write a free novella for Harlequin, I knew she had to be the character. I also knew who would be the possible love interest: Sexy British Bad Boy Blake.

Blake had first appeared in DANGER CALLS and eventually gets his own story in FURY CALLS (one of my personal favorites and an RT Reviewer’s Choice Nominee for Best Paranormal.)

DESIRE CALLS is the first time we really get to spend time with Stacia before she gets her full story in KISSED BY A VAMPIRE.


Vampire elder Stacia craves something she’s never had: true love. When she is reunited with Blake, a lesser vampire who possesses a spirit she’s found lacking in men—both mortal and immortal—for centuries, she thinks she’s met her match. . .

If you can’t see the excerpt below, you can click here to read it.

You can read the entire DESIRE CALLS novella for free by clicking here. Yep, ALL of the novella for free!

DESIRE CALLS Vampire Romance Novella Free Read by Caridad Pineiro

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