#ManCandyMonday George Clooney

Well, ladies, you’ve apparently lost your shot at George Clooney. He announced is engagement recently to an International Law lawyer. Hmm? So he likes lawyers? Maybe it’s not too late, LOL!

I remember George from his Facts of Life days. Of course, he’s been in tons of shows and movies since then!

I always think of George as a kind of modern-day Clark Gable. There’s just something about the coloring and his polished look that screams Old Hollywood to me. How about you?

George Clooney

Photo Credit: Michael Vlasaty@enwikipedia.com

3 thoughts on “#ManCandyMonday George Clooney”

  1. OMG. I had no idea he was engaged. (See what working all day and night – getting to bed at 6:35 am – does to me? I missed out on hearing this!)
    I’m guessing that he had to chase her because she didn’t chase him. (Smart woman.) She’s also 38, I believe, so probably not interested in starting a family, which I think has been a problem in other relationships (resulting in an ex being pregnant from someone else, like Stacy Keibler is now!).
    Thanks for the news flash (and the lovely photo)!
    I have Gorgeous George’s photo on my desk with me at all times. I think he’s da bomb!

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