#WriteWed The Calling is Reborn Vampire Novels Inspiration – Bryant Park

Vampire RebornThose of you who read THE CALLING IS REBORN vampire romance series know that for the most part the series is set in New York. The only departure from that was KISSED BY A VAMPIRE which was set in South Beach and only because I knew that the right man for vampiress Stacia was in Miami, namely sexy DEA Agent Alex Garcia.

Why New York City? Well, I love the place and I have the ability to actually visit some of the locations and get that extra something that you can bring into the story. In FIGHT FOR LOVE, which will be out in mid-summer, you’ll get to see scenes set in Grand Central Terminal.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of setting a scene – maybe a big climactic one – in another of my fav places: Bryant Park.

I haven’t had a scene there yet, maybe because it is such a fav place. I walk through the park almost every morning and love seeing how it changes through the different seasons.

Spring was definitely in the park this week as they were prepping to put out all the spring flowers. I’m sharing those photos with you today!

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