#ThrowbackThursday To Curl or Not to Curl . . .

I don’t have straight hair, but I also don’t have curly hair anymore. Of course, with all the rain we’ve been having, the waves that I do have are showing themselves. And the cowlicks. I have hard to manage hair and those head shots you see of me with straight hair are thanks to blow-drying, but honestly, I don’t have the time for that every day.

Here’s what I used to look like when I had really curly hair. You can see it was lighter back then also. I started off as a blonde and then my hair got darker and darker. Now I only have a little patch of blonde left right by my part.

I don’t remember when this photo was taken, but I’m guessing that I must have been maybe 5 or 6? My eyes look blue in the photo, but they’re actually green and change depending on what I’m wearing.


2 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday To Curl or Not to Curl . . .”

  1. You are so cute, a Shirley Temple look a like… I have straight hair, never curls no matter what and I always wished for curly hair The grass is greener syndrome.

  2. So cute! I have wavy hair that does what it wants… curls when it is short… most of the time I pull it back wet and it semi straightens out…

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