#Foodie Eats in #Midtown #NYC

I love food and I love to cook food. I guess I should also say that I love to eat food. LOL!

I’m a foodie without a doubt. When I can, I try to shop locally which is not always easy with my schedule. Luckily, there is a green market on Wednesdays in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza and my office is right across the street from the Grand Central Market.
Before the revitalization of this area, the place where the Market is now located was nothing but a dark, dreary, dirty and dangerous-looking service alley.

Now it’s a beautiful market where you can pick up all kinds of things if you need to prepare a meal, grab a snack or lunch, or just meander to see what’s interesting.

This morning I picked up a danish at Zaro’s, but there’s also Zabar’s right nearby.

Zaro’s is across from Ceriello’s and I’ve got some wonderful red peppers and mushrooms at home, so I bought a lovely cheese and parsley sausage ring to grill and have with the veggies. Here’s what the Ceriello’s meat counter looks like!

If I needed some mozzarella, or maybe a burrata, to go with that sausage and peppers, I’d pop over to Murray’s. Cheese is one of my downfalls!


There are lots of other fabulous locations in the market and if you’re in the area, definitely drop by and see it as well as the other sights in another for my fav places, Grand Central Terminal.

2 thoughts on “#Foodie Eats in #Midtown #NYC”

  1. Wow! As you well know, I am a foodie too! The market looks fabulous! I always love the variety, smells & colors! What fun!

  2. What a treat to be able to stop either on you way to work or from work. I have to get in the car for groceries…
    Have a great weekend.

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