#ThrowbackThursday National Pet Month

It’s National Pet Month so on today’s Throwback Thursday, I thought I’d share some pet photos, both new and old.

Here’s an oldie for you: Spotty, my hubby’s old pet beagle. Spotty inspired the pet in THE LOST. Yes, I know he looks like a bassett hound, but trust me, he’s just a big old beagle.


This is my daughter with our cat, Osiris, shortly after we got her. Osiris is sometimes my writing companion during the summer months. She just loves hanging out on the balcony. Not with me, just out on the balcony.

We have a lot of feral cats in the neighborhood and came upon a mom and little kitten on the deck one morning. The kitten was adorable and we felt so bad, that we set out some food for it. The mom and kitten came and went for months and then the mom kind of left and another set of cats came. We could tell they were related by the coloring and because one of them had extra toes on their feet which was just like the mom and kitten.

Here’s a picture of our two feral pets. We call them Blinkie and Whitey. Blinkie, as you can imagine, seemed to always be blinking, but she is really really friendly and adventurous. Whitey has a big white patch on her chest and is only friendly and adventurous when Blinkie is around. This winter we built them this little area where they could eat and warm up.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at some of our pets. What about you? Do you have pets? Beside the feral cats I also have a red-eared slider turtle named Buffy!

3 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday National Pet Month”

  1. We have Lab/Pointer mix named Windy. She’s getting old and not moving around very well anymore. Love her to pieces though and will be crushed when she goes.

  2. We have a feral momma cat that had two kittens last year… they stay near our yard and now this year, she just had two more. We named them Momma, Patch & Crouch… they are mostly white, but the two little ones are black and a gray striped… I named them Smoke and Ash.
    As for regular pets…. so many through the years. My household has had Dogs, Cats, Birds, Lizards, Fish, Hermit Crabs, many different rodents, etc. Black cats are of fav of my family… our last one was almost 19 when she passed away a few years ago.

  3. I love your black kitties. I have 2 black cats myself. I adopted both. They are a great addition to our family. —

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