#FoodieFriday Dining Concourse at Grand Central Terminal

Yesterday I was blogging about all those secret places in Grand Central Terminal so I figured that today I would blog about a not-so-secret place, namely the Dining Concourse.

Years ago, before the renovations, this was a large and pretty much unused waiting concourse. Now the area is home to a variety of shops for take-out or sit down dining, from Chinese food, to grilled chicken, steaks, ice cream, bakeries, etc.

Two of my favorites are the relatively new Shake Shack and Junior’s which has been there for years.

Junior’s is best known for its cheesecakes, but it also has a great collection of NY deli-style sandwiches. Here’s a photo of some of their tasty treats!

The Shake Shack has fabulous burgers, fries and shakes. My sister and I went there a month or so ago and I got this most awesome meal!

Here’s a shot of another of the take-out areas in the concourse. Thanks to Franny Wentzel for releasing this photo into the public domain.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Foodie Friday. May you all have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and please take a moment to remember the military men, women and families who have sacrificed so much on our behalf.

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  1. I have a Juniors cookbook, I can now make them at home. Love the recipes they taste so good—

  2. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!!
    Ok those fries look so good, I wanted to reach and grab some….mmm!

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