#TeaserTuesday FIGHT FOR LOVE Coming This Summer

Vampire Reborn, a novella in The Calling is Reborn Vampire novel seriesThese are the last days of the special .99 pricing for VAMPIRE REBORN. Many thanks to My Book Addiction and More who gave it 5 Stars and said it was “Packed full of passion and romance.”

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But now for something I’ve never ever done before: A teaser from the next book in the series – FIGHT FOR LOVE – which will be out this summer.

In FIGHT FOR LOVE you’ll see the continuation of Diana and Ryder’s relationship, a new love story with slayer-turned vampire Benjamin and a delicious suspense with a villain who both kills and steals energies from his victims! Look for FIGHT FOR LOVE in August.


Chapter 1

The first kill had been a spur of the moment decision and had brought too much scrutiny.

A mistake that would not be repeated.

It had taken a month of careful scouting to get to this point. A month of identifying the individuals who possessed sacred life forces and learning their habits, including this little meeting at the local santero’s shop in Spanish Harlem. A real santero gifted with enormous powers unlike some of the fakes who dotted the landscape of the barrio.

But the santero wasn’t going to the be first one taken.

The weakest link was always the easiest and this time, the evidence of what had been done would not be as obvious as with the slain Slayer Council member.

She strolled out of the santero’s shop with the other gifted ones, smiling almost beatifically. She really was very beautiful, with flawless coffee-colored skin and a body meant for sin. But her beauty would not save her. If anything, it would increase the enjoyment of what was to follow and the pain she would suffer.

Following behind at a discreet distance, hunting her, stimulated the growing core of blackness inside.

The thrill of the chase brought intense excitement, especially as she waved her friends goodbye and moved off on her own.

She never bothered to look around, even in the neighborhood that was so-so at best.

Youth never understood their own mortality.

Another block and there was a little more distance from friends and the santero’s shop. They were also a little closer to the small storefront just off the FDR drive where everything was waiting for her arrival and in a way, her departure.

Speeding up, the distance between them shortened and as if finally sensing a presence, she nervously looked over her shoulder. She offered an uneasy smile for a brief moment and increased her pace, but it was too late.

With a surge of speed, she was imprisoned.

A sharp blast of power made her knees buckle and she fell to the ground.

Lifting her, she was slight and her weight seemed almost non-existent, but power radiated from every cell in her body.


After tonight, there would be no turning back. No escaping the path to soul-eating darkness. It would be worth it for the incredible mind-blowing power to be possessed.

It would be as it should have been all along.

Nothing could stop it now.

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