#WriteWed What Inspires a Series?

Since I’m busing working on ONE SPECIAL NIGHT, the follow-up to JUST ONE NIGHT, you may wonder what inspires a series like the Take a Chance series.

For me, it’s the secondary characters. Oftentimes when I start, I don’t really know which of the secondary characters will call to me the most, but then BAM! 🙂 I fall in love with one of them and know that I have to explore their story.

That’s what happened with Tommy, Nickie’s brother and Jase’s best friend, from JUST ONE NIGHT.

I saw a really good guy who definitely needed to find the right woman. I knew from JUST ONE NIGHT that Tommy was honorable and lots of fun. I knew he would have what it would take to help someone heal their wounds and find happiness.

I’m almost done with ONE SPECIAL NIGHT and I hope you’ll fall in love with Tommy the way I did and the way the heroine, Navy Corpsman Jasmine Reyes, does by the end of the story! ONE SPECIAL NIGHT will be available in late July.


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  1. You’re doing some wonderful books Caridad, keep it up!!! Just reading the blurbs you post makes me want your books!

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