#WriteWed An Ugly Inspiration

Ugly is such a powerful word. It can shape so much of a person’s perception of themselves even when they are not truly ugly. Truly ugly isn’t about the physical. It’s about that person whose heart knows no compassion or love and is only interested in itself.

My heroine in ONE SPECIAL NIGHT (available August 12), Jasmine “Doc” Reyes, thinks she’s ugly, or at least part of her is ugly. She’s come home from war with both emotional and physical scars. Both are hard to handle, but the physical ones are more out there. More visible and therefore hard to hide or avoid.

Enter Tommy de Salvo who has his own ugly inside. His fiancee cheated on him during wedding preparations and Tommy is not about to trust another woman. But there’s something about Jasmine that calls to him and Tommy just can’t resist the puzzle that she is: strong and determined, but also vulnerable and lonely.

I loved bringing Tommy and Jasmine together to help them heal and put the pieces of their lives back together.

Yes, ONE SPECIAL NIGHT is an erotic romance novella, but I still want the romance and emotion of a full read. I hope that when you check it out, you’ll think that I accomplished that.

ONE SPECIAL NIGHT will be available everywhere on August 12th.


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