#ThrowbackThursday City Kids in the Woods

We had a friend in college whose family owned a resort in Pennsylvania. He was kind enough to invite us to come and visit for a weekend. We packed up two cars and I went with my then boyfriend (now hubby) from Brooklyn out to the wilds of Pennsylvania.

I guess the local folks weren’t used to city folks or Long Island girls. When we went on a horseback ride, our guide asked my hubby’s younger brother how he had broken his leg. He explained that he’d gotten hit by a car while riding a moped in Brooklyn. That prompted our guide to ask if we were with the Fresh Air Fund.

Back then the Fresh Air Fund used to run all kinds of ads about sending poor inner city children to the country for the summer. They still offer that program if you’re interested in donating to a worthy cause.

Go figure. It made for a funny and unforgettable memory. Here’s a picture of us with our college friend during that weekend. I’m the one all the way to the right and hubby-to-be is right next to me. Hubby’s younger brother is in front while my sister-in-law and brother-in-law are off to the left.