In Memory of 9-11-2001

It’s 9-11 again today. Thirteen years have gone by and yet that day is still alive in my mind and in my heart, especially with all the troubling events of the past few years.

All I can say is, we can never forget the innocents that lost their lives that day or the men and women who came to their assistance and gave all.

We cannot forget our military men and women who served and died at the Pentagon.

We cannot forget the brave Americans on Flight 93 who fought back against Muslim extremists to prevent others from dying.

We cannot appease those who will not be appeased. Chamberlain learned that the hard way with Hitler.

We cannot be weak for our enemies will seize on that weakness for their own gain.

We must stay strong in our resolve that this should never happen again. Not on American soil. Not at our U.S. embassies and compounds such as Benghazi.

Not to our friends in England or Spain or Bali or India or the multitude of places touched by the hand of extremists.

Not to anyone anywhere.


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