#ManCandyMonday Scott Bakula

I didn’t really get into NCIS: Los Angeles, but the one for New Orleans shows promise and I kind of like Scott Bakula. There’s something kind of laid back sexy about him, even as he’s aged.

What do you think? A worthy choice of Man Candy this morning? This is from an Entertainment Tonight Interview!

2 thoughts on “#ManCandyMonday Scott Bakula”

  1. I loved him in Quantum Lea, enjoyed his character in Star Trek and when they showed the the spin off of NCIS New Orleans I was thrilled!!! I’ll be watching next week when the new series starts.

  2. I hadn’t seen that interview (yet) – I am almost 4 months behind in my recordings of ET, oops! I AM current on watching NCIS shows, though, and am eagerly awaiting both the original show and, yes, this New Orleans show.
    Enjoyed Scott in Quantum Leap and later Star Trek: Enterprise (and was saddened when Enterprise wasn’t renewed). When I went to Wikipedia to see if there were any other shows I remembered him from, I learned that he sings. Who knew???
    Thanks, as always, for today’s Man Candy!

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