Happy #ManCandyMonday

Today’s #ManCandy is a little bit workout inspiration. Let’s all do a little twist and work out that midsection. Turn to the right and then to the left. That’s it stretch it now and I don’t just mean your eyeballs! LOL!

Hope you all have a great day! Also, asking a little favor. I’ve donated proceeds of sales in the past to Hope for the Warriors and the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund. Since all of the stories in the TAKE A CHANCE erotic romance series feature military heroes, I will donate ALL MY PROCEEDS from sales of ONE LAST NIGHT from Oct. 27 to Nov 3 to a nationally recognized organization that helps our wounded military men and women!

I hope you will think about helping me out by signing up for my Thunderclap for this project! I promise you will not get spammed with more e-mails once you sign up. You are just agreeing to share that one message on whatever social media platform you choose. Thank you!

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