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One Last Night New Adult Erotic RomanceAs I mentioned yesterday, from October 27 until November 3, I will be donating all proceeds from sales of ONE LAST NIGHT to a nationally recognized organization that helps wounded military men, women and their families. I’ve decided that organization will be HOPE FOR THE WARRIORS.

ONE LAST NIGHT is the story of Marine Lieutenant Trevor Mason who is home from war and has just one wish: to reconcile with his estranged father. This is the very first scene in the novella when Trevor comes up to his father’s office, hoping to arrange a meal with him so they can talk out their differences.

In this scene, Trevor meets Maggie Sullivan, his father’s intern and a young woman who he knows from his past. I hope you enjoy it!


Chapter 1

Nothing could have prepared Maggie Sullivan for the sight of Trevor Mason standing there in his Marine uniform. Nothing.

He waited patiently by the floor-to-ceiling windows in the anteroom to his father’s office. Incredibly broad shoulders filled out the khaki fabric and tapered down into a lean waist and hips. His legs were thick with muscle and braced slightly apart while he waited, his hat tucked under his arm.

His face was in profile and the morning sun cast bright light on his features and the short strands of his sandy-colored hair. He had a strong resolute jaw. Full lips and a straight slash of a nose that all came together on a face which would tempt most women.

By her guesstimate, Trevor had been there for at least fifteen minutes while his father finished up a conference call. In reality, his father could have ended the call as soon as his son had arrived, but for some reason he’d kept on chatting as she’d sat in the room, watching Trevor through the office’s glass wall.

He’d changed a great deal physically since the last time she’d seen him nearly five years ago at his high school graduation party. She’d been sixteen at the time and working as a waitress at the country club to save money for college expenses.

Trevor had been part of the pack of rich kids who spent the summers hanging out at the club, but unlike some of the others, he’d always had the time to say hello and offer up a smile. Maybe it was because he was nouveau riche and not as spoiled as the teens from old money.

She remembered that smile, full of life and so warm, like summer sunshine. It had always caused a funny skitter in her heart and lower. She wondered if it still would.

His father finally hung up the phone and turned his attention to her. “Please prepare a memo of the discussions we just had for the file.”

“Yes, sir,” she said and shot a look out the glass wall to where Trevor still waited. “I’ll let your son know you’re free.”

“No,” Samuel Mason blurted and reached out for her as she rose from the chair where she had been taking notes. Mr. Mason’s regular administrative assistant was on vacation and she was filling in for the woman.

At her confused look, he dropped his hand to the desktop and said, “Please let him in, but if you don’t mind, I’d rather you stayed while we chat. I think the two of you knew each other back in high school.”

If serving Trevor lunch or handing him towels counted as knowing each other, she supposed that they did. “I met him at the country club while I was working there.”

“Fine, then,” he said and leaned back in his chair to wait, obviously forcing himself to remain calm.

Like his son, he had a strong jaw, but that was where the similarities ended. Samuel Mason was thin, elegant, and dark-haired. Almost effeminate compared to his very masculine and robust son.

Maggie closed the portfolio with the pages of notes she had taken and walked out to the anteroom. As she entered, Trevor faced her.

She waited for that warm smile that did such delicious things inside her. Instead, his full lips were in a grim slash across that handsome face and she realized that Trevor had changed in more ways than one.

There was little left of the high school kid she remembered. From the sheer physical size of him to the hard chiseled lines of his face, Trevor was all man and not a happy one at that.

She held out her hand and introduced herself. “Maggie Sullivan. I’m sorry you’ve had to wait.”

He eyeballed her hand, but finally shook it as he said, “Trevor Mason.” He paused and looked her up and down, narrowing his gaze as he considered her. “Have we met before?”

She was pleasantly surprised that he seemed to remember her. “I’m Maggie. I used to work – ”

“At the country club,” he finished for her and once again eyed her intently. “You’ve grown up, Maggie,” he said, the tones of his voice deep and exciting. The sound of her name on his lips sent a tingle of sexual awareness through her.

“So have you, Mr. Mason,” she said, earning a chuckle from him and the first hint of that enticing smile on his lips.

“Yeah, I guess I have and it’s Lieutenant Mason. Mr. Mason is my father.” He shot a look through the glass to where his father sat in his office, waiting for them, and for a moment, before he schooled his emotions, loneliness skipped across his features.

“Please come in,” she said with a smile and motioned in the direction of the office door.


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