#WriteWed Why I Love America & Support Our Military

**WARNING** Some may think that what I am about to say is a little political which is something I don’t normally do, but I want you to understand why I love America and why I support our military through things like these charity campaigns that I do with my books.

Many of you know I was not born here. I am a refugee from Cuba. I come from a country where basic freedoms are denied its people. I came to a country that permits its citizens to express their views and where you can be anything you want to be if you are willing to work hard enough for it.

America is my home now and I love it. I honor its traditions and history. I respect its values and believe it to be a wonderful place.

There are many Americans who think otherwise, I know. They say America is bad and has done bad things. I think of all the amazing things it’s done for people like me and other people around the world and I wonder, Why are there so many self-hating Americans? Why can’t they see the wonder of this totally exceptional country? Why are they trying to fundamentally change a Nation that has accomplished so much in so little time?

But beyond that, I know that this Nation would not be what it is and that its people would not have the freedoms that they do without the sacrifices of our military men, women and their families. It is their service that keeps us free and able to express our opinions, something that so many people around the world cannot do because they live in tyranny.

One Last Night New Adult Erotic RomanceBecause of those sacrifices made on my behalf, I will be donating all proceeds from sales of ONE LAST NIGHT from October 27 to November 3 to Hope For The Warriors®.

I’m also happy to say that right now they’ve received a grant from The John Stewart Morton, Jr. Gift Fund which has offered Hope For The Warriors® a gift matching opportunity. His family will match donations, dollar for dollar, up to $25,000, until the end of the year. YEAH!

That means that every dollar I contribute will be matched, so please help me out to help our military men, women and families.

ONE LAST NIGHT is specially priced at 99 cents for a limited time and is available at these retailers:

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  1. As I’m sure you know, we just lost last week 2 of our great soldiers through terrorism. You are doing a wonderful thing for your soldiers. Thank you!

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