#WriteWed Military Heroes Inspire Me

As you might now, I’ve included a number of military heroes in my books from my early romantic suspense novels to my latest releases in the Take a Chance series. That includes both military men and women heroes.

In each of the stories, I try to bring out what it must be like for our military heroes and their families as they cope with being away, being at war and coming home. I’m honored to say that I’ve heard from a number of military people that they felt my portrayals of the issues were accurate and heartfelt. Thank you for that and thank you for your service and sacrifices.

I want to share this video of truly awesome surprise military reunions! Click here to watch the military reunion video if you can’t see it below.

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  1. Hi, Caridad, I’ve not read any of your Take A Chance series but I’ve been looking forward to doing so. Just read the Stay The Night excerpt and it sounds very interesting. Of course, it helps that the couples last name is “Castillo” which was my maiden

    Pat C.

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