#TeaserTuesday Taming the Bachelor

TAMING THE BACHELOR contemporary romanceI could so identify with Daisy Ramos, the heroine in TAMING THE BACHELOR, when I wrote that book. She was smart and a science geek. Two things that always seemed to turn off the men in her life even though she was also a very sexy woman. I think Daisy and I share two of the three traits – smart and science geeky. LOL!

Anyway, because of that, Daisy and this story of her finally finding a man who isn’t afraid of her is very special to me. I actually had an old high school crush confess to me many years after high school that he’d been afraid to ask me out because of those traits. Luckily I found a man strong enough to appreciate my many talents and who puts up with my not so neat form of organization.

Jersey Girls Contemporary Romance Box SetTAMING THE BACHELOR was re-released on April 1 and is specially priced at 99 cents. You can also get the book as part of the JERSEY GIRLS Contemporary Romance Box set which is available for pre-order and releases tomorrow. It’s priced at 2.99 for 3 books, so it’s still a bargain as well! You can order the box set here:

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