#FunFriday All Kinds of Funny Stuff

It’s been a long few weeks! I’m glad this weekend will be a little easier for me and give me a little time to recover. Hope you enjoy today’s funnies. My favorite is the planking one. Makes me think of when I do yoga (or maybe it’s better to say try to do yoga).

Source: familytechreviews.com via hhandal on Gentlemint

What Planking Really Looks Like Funny Meme

Thinking Outside the Box Funny Meme

Screwed Up My Diet Funny Meme

2 thoughts on “#FunFriday All Kinds of Funny Stuff”

  1. I don’t even remember ever planking like that but of course the brain is the first to go…then the body!!!!

  2. The planking one…oh, how true. Hey, what are you working on, Caridad? Something military or vampirish? What’s on the horizon for us?

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