#WriteWed Inspiration for FIGHT THE SHADOWS

I walk to and from Penn Station every day to get to my office, weather permitting of course. During those walks, I regularly see members of the Joint Task Force Empire Shield. These soldiers are part of the National Guard and have been protecting NYC transportation centers and other key locations since the September 11 attacks. I dedicated FIGHT THE SHADOWS to them for the work that they do!

The heroine in the book is a member of JTFSE and lives on base in Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn. You don’t get to see that location in the story, however. I am hoping to do another story with Patricia and Rick in the future and maybe I’ll have a scene or two at Fort Hamilton.

Click here to see photos of the JTFSE during training sessions.

As for the hero and heroine, here is how I pictured Patricia and Rick, a former Marine and NYPD officer.

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