First day #RWA15

We had a great first day at RWA. My friend Nisha started it off by surprising us with a stretch limo for the ride in. Good thing because we needed all the space for our stuff.

We got into New York on record time, checked in, unpacked and hung out with some friends before going to dinner at Dos Caminos and the readings at Lady Jane’s Salon. Here is my tasty Mango margarita and the gang at the salon.


Afterward we ended the night back at the Marriott and Junior’s and this awesome cheesecake. I shared it with my buddy because it was just too rich.

I will keep you posted on our other adventures. Today is lunch with friends 😊, exploring New York and the Literacy Book Signing. Hope to see you there if you are in the area.

P.S.- this is something new. My first smartphone created post! 😨

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