#WriteWed August Funk & Smell the Roses

What is it about August that has so many people in a funk? Is it that summer is almost over and we’re dreading certain things? Back to school? Although I always loved going back to school, but I know some don’t.

I’ve been in an August funk and I think I know the reasons why, but that doesn’t make it easier. Although I did see a sign on a local church the other day that I’m going to seriously take to heart and I’m going to share that with you today.

If you’re not happy with the things you have now, what makes you think you’ll be happier with more?

And I think you can think of those “things” as other than material things. I think one of my issues is that I’m a Type A personality and always striving to do more, but then what? When I reach “more” where do I go from there?

Anyway, I’m working through it and trying to change my mindset about some things, like the end of summer. And writing. And work. And getting fit.

It’s time to stop and appreciate the now and stop charging ahead to the future because the now disappears way too quickly! Like that old adage says, Stop and smell the roses!

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