#Fitness Friday Tips for Getting More Fit & Healthy

I’m always striving to be healthier and to find ways to get more fit. Since I try to keep up on news about such things, I’d thought I’d share them with you in a new Friday segment – Fitness Friday!

Check out these articles on various aspects of being more fit and healthy.

3 Steps to Avoid Junk Food Cravings: http://bit.ly/1IK9XYw
Calories count more than fat or carbs: http://reut.rs/1L8NPKW
Don’t Fear the Scale – Why you don’t have to fear weighing yourself every day: http://cnn.it/1IK8O36
Fighting Office Body – Move more to improve your health & Posture: http://yhoo.it/1IK7Eoe
High Protein Breakfasts May Help Prevent Fat Gain: http://bit.ly/1IK9BRs
How to Stay Motivated in your Fitness Regimen: http://bit.ly/1IKad9Z

Now I have to say one thing about the article on the types of calories not mattering as much as the calories themselves. I’ve been using my Fitbit and religiously tracking what I eat and how active I am. When I eat the same number of calories, but include “bad carbs” such as bread, crackers, cookies and pasta, I not only gain weight immediately, but I experience belly bloat and other things. I’m not saying you all will experience the same thing, but you need to listen to your body and what it’s telling you about the food you’re eating.

Speaking of Fitbit, if you want to become a pal and cheer me on while I cheer you on, you can friend me at https://www.fitbit.com/user/3GZT48.

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