#TuesdayTip National Bagel Day

Oooh, bagels. Those crusty, chewy, tasty treats! I’ve been watching my carbs because I do see a difference in my body when I eat them, but today I made an exception since it’s NATIONAL BAGEL DAY! Happiness.

So how can you have bagels more often if you are trying to be healthier. This Tuesday I have some tips for you.

    1. See if there is a whole grain/multi grain option.
    2. Scoop out the center stuff and just leave the crusty goodness. You can eliminate close to half the calories (around 400 for a regular bagel) and you get the sense of eating more by doing this instead of just eating half a bagel.
    3. Choose a non-animal fat spread, like mashed avocados or a natural nut butter. Hint on the “natural” nut butters: Read the label. If you’re getting a natural peanut butter it should have just one ingredient: Peanuts. You’d be surprised by what some of the “natural” nut butters actually contain.
    4. Add an egg or other low-fat meat protein, like a lean prosciutto or Canadian ham.
    5. Use a low fat/non fat cream cheese.

Ever wonder how bagels are made? Click here to check out this cool movie about Brooklyn Bagels or watch it below!



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  1. I miss the bagels from back East… there are a few that are alright by me… hard to find egg bagels here!

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