#TeaserTuesday Sharon Hamilton #Bookbirthday & #Giveaway

I am very happy and honored to have my good friend and fabulous NY Times Bestselling Author Sharon Hamilton here today to celebrate the release of BAND OF BACHELORS: ALEX!

For a chance to win a free copy of Band of Bachelors: Lucas (the 1st book in this series that precedes ALEX) in ebook, read the short excerpt below, then tell me your favorite part in the comments.

    “I want more out of life than life’s given me so far, but I’m not complaining. I just want more of it. I want the juice of life, not to live life. I’m looking to get a good partner and travel the world playing volleyball until my knees ache and my back or shoulder gives out. And after volleyball? Who knows what I can do at eighty?” She gave him the smile she’d given so many other dumbstruck men over the few years since she’d been dating. It was always the same. It also usually got same reaction.

    But this time, she saw something ignite inside Alex. The backdrop of lonely sea gull cries, the salty gentle breeze and the sounds of metal clanging as work began late at the docks, only enhanced the excitement brewing in her belly. She was struck with the beauty and power of something maybe dangerous about this man. And also something so beautiful, her eyes watered.

Can’t wait to keep reading? Take ALEX home today!

Amazon: http://kindlel.ink/alex?release=authors
Barnes & Noble: http://nookl.ink/alex?release=authors
iBooks: http://ibooksl.ink/alex?release=authors
Amazon UK: http://kindlel.ink/uk.alex?release=authors
Amazon AU: http://kindlel.ink/au.alex?release=authors
Amazon CA: http://kindlel.ink/ca.alex?release=authors
Amazon FR: http://kindlel.ink/fr.alex?release=authors
Amazon DE: http://kindlel.ink/de.alex?release=authors

(Print & audio versions coming soon!)
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  1. I am a huge fan of her books! She has such great stories and brings her SEALs to life! Love seeing them find the right woman for them! The snippet has me wanting more! 🙂

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