#WriteWed Need #Fashion Inspiration What to Wear for my Keynote Speech

Counting down to the RWA National Conference and really really excited about the keynote speech I will be giving at the 2016 Neilsen Romance Book Summit which will be held on July 14th in San Diego.

I hope you some of you can make it to either the RWA Literacy Signing on Wednesday or the Romance Summit.

Today, I’m asking for some Fashion Inspiration on what to wear to present my keynote speech. Should I be all business-like in a suit, less formal in my little black dress, or casual and colorful in a bright tunic with black pants beneath? I really really need your help with this!! So is it 1, 2 or 3 below?

Many thanks to Gisela for the little black dress and wonderful tunic! Also bought two of their bathing suits. Their stuff is fabulous and you can get it locally at OG Surf & Skate.