#TeaserTuesday Under the Boardwalk

Happy Tuesday! You know what that means: a teaser!

Today I’m sharing a teaser from UNDER THE BOARDWALK. I loved exploring how two people who truly love each other go about repairing a marriage that’s gone wrong. I truly believe that with love, you can fix something that’s broken. It just takes time and patience and in this case, a little bit of passion. Okay, maybe a lot of passion, not that passion alone is enough necessarily.

In UNDER THE BOARDWALK, Chase and Natalie have lost the passion as their lives have pulled them apart. The love is still there, but caught up in a lot of other things that are keeping them from being real with each other. In this story, they get real again and try to rekindle their love and marriage, but also find themselves again.


Natalie Ramirez has spent less and less time with her husband over the last year and more and more time alone. She longs for the happy days of summer when she and Chase would pass the time together on the beach and under the boardwalk, exploring the passion that simmered between them as hot as any summer sun.

Chase Smith had to work hard for everything he ever had, including his wife Natalie. His wife had never wanted for anything in her life and Chase didn’t want to disappoint her. But somewhere along the way, Chase lost sight of the most important thing she wanted: his love.

A passionate night under the boardwalk brought them together, but can Chase and Natalie rekindle that lost love and save their marriage?


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  1. Every time I see the name of this box set, the song pops into my head, LOL! Happy May Caridad!

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