#ManCandyMonday Paul Hollywood and The Great British Bake Off

Today’s Man Crush is a man who creates heat in the kitchen and elsewhere: Paul Hollywood, celebrity chef from The Great British Bake Off. If you love cooking, and baking in particular, you must watch this show! I love hearing Paul and Mary Berry, the other remarkable host, talk about the items which have to be created and then analyzing them. The bakers on this show create some truly awesome confections.

As for Paul, this picture just doesn’t do him credit. You must watch the show to get the full effect of that salt and pepper hair, ice blue eyes and the accent. Oh my . . . things are heating up here. LOL! Hope you enjoyed today’s Man Candy.

Paul Hollywood Great British Bake Off
Photo Credit: Tim Fields (Flickr: Paul Hollywood) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons