#TuesdayTip – Writer and Reader Conferences – Liberty States Fiction Writers

I love going to conferences. I always learn something new and I love meeting both old friends and new people at various conferences! There is something about being surrounded by readers and writers that always helps revitalize my creative juices. Plus, there is the opportunity to network and expand business connections and possibly connect with an editor or an agent. I met my agent at a conference and it was the best thing that’s happened to me in quite some time!

Today I’m sharing with you a conference that I’ll be attending in March 2018. It’s a fun reader and writer conference in NJ. Just a word or two of disclosure – I am currently the President of this organization (my way of paying it forward) and a founding member. I hope you’ll check out the Liberty States Fiction Writers Conference and come and spend some time with me! I’ll be sponsoring the Mardi Gras themed party together with the Book Obsessed Chicks and will also be presenting a workshop.

Registration is now open for the conference which features the fabulous Julie Kenner and Dee Davis as the keynote speakers and presenters. We’ve also got some amazing workshops on getting organized, handling rejection, social media, creating fight scenes with a professional stuntman and more! You can find out more about the conference at http://www.libertystatesfictionwriters.com/.

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