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#FlowerFriday Dearborn Orchid Show

Yes, I have cabin fever and I can’t wait for the warmer weather. Philly Flower Show is up next in March, but recently I went to a local orchid show at Dearborn Market in Holmdel, NJ. Great place with great food and garden items! If you’re in the area, check it out.

Click here if you cannot see the flower photos below or go to this link:

#ThrowbackThursday Levittown Drum & Bugle Corps

Moving to the suburbs was an experience and although there were some tough moments, there were that many more good memories of growing up in Levittown. One of them was discovering the Levittown Drum and Bugle Corps which met just a couple of blocks away at the local church. It was one of first experiments with playing music, but from there, my sister and I both went on to other instruments. My sister was an amazing violin and viola player while I took up the bassoon. Being involved in music groups provided us both with amazing opportunities.

This photo is of us with our parents as we proudly display the bugles we were learning to play!
Levittown Drum & Bugle Corps

#WineWednesday Celebrating Good News

Apparently I’ve been unaware of #WineWednesday which considering I love wine, is a shame. I truly enjoy a glass with a nice meal or with cheese and crackers while I read a good book on my balcony during the warmer weather. I also like to celebrate good news with a good glass of wine.

What good news? Getting a release date for ONE SUMMER NIGHT, the first book in the AT THE SHORE contemporary romance series. ONE SUMMER NIGHT will be available in October 2017 from Casablanca Sourcebooks. WOO HOO! Unfortunately, I can’t share the cover just yet, but I hope to be able to do so soon!

For now, let’s pop some cyber bubbly and celebrate!
Wine Wednesday

Happy Valentine’s Day!

As a romance writer, this is truly one of the days of the year I love best because I truly believe that everyone can have their Happily-Ever-After. It might not be easy at times as we all know. There will be conflict and drama. Ups and downs, but at the end of the day, I truly believe that love can conquer all.

So for today, wishing you all love and happiness! I am grateful that you are all in my life.
Valentine's Day 2017

#ManCandyMonday A Different Shade of Jamie Dornan

So I know lots of you have run out to see the latest installment of that story, but today I’m sharing a more intriguing side of Jamie Dornan – his role as serial killer Paul Spector in the BBC’s THE FALL.

I’m a little late in the game to see this crime drama. Season 3 just ended this past October and there are talks of a Season 4 in the far off future.

I did my equivalent of a binge watch, catching two or three shows at time when I could. It was really fascinating to see the police procedures in another country and how a female Detective Inspector (Gillian Anderson) deals with men in power, her own demons, and the reality of a serial killer who is highly intelligent, methodical, and scary. Handsome. The face of an angel with a soul filled with evil. Fascinating.

If you get a chance, check it out. It’s available on various streaming services.

Click here if you cannot see the clip from Season 3 of THE FALL below.

#ThrowbackThursday Hurry Up Spring!

With today’s blizzard happening right outside my window, it’s time for some flowers to keep me sane! These are from the 2012 Philadelphia Flower Show. So looking forward to the next one!

Stay safe and warm for those in the Northeast!
Philadelphia Flower Show

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