Second Chance at Perfect Contemporary Romance

#2 in the Jersey Girls Contemporary Romance Series
October 2014

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Golden Leaf Co-Winner Best Contemporary Romance
Romantic Times: “A second chance at love can be just as delicious as the first.”
Thumbs up! “The love between Alex and Maya is mucho HOT! There are scenes in the book that will burn your fingers while turning the pages and the way Maya comes to love Samantha will warm your heart. The secondary characters will give you giggles. . . It’s a great story with sensual love scenes and caring moments to tear ya up a bit.”
HUNTRESS BOOK REVIEWS: “A lovely and heart warming story. Well detailed, flows smoothly, and very realistic! I am happy to be able to recommend this wonderful story to readers everywhere!”


Jersey Girls Don’t Pump Gas and Know Not to Waste a Second Chance at Love

Seven years earlier, her engagement had ended in bitterness and pain . . .

Maya Alfonso was hopelessly in love with fellow pre-med student Alex Martinez, but their engagement came to an abrupt end filled with recriminations and heartache. Maya picks up the pieces of her life and vows never to make the same mistake again.

Seven years later, she finds herself with a second chance at the love she had lost . . .

Maya is a successful scientist and business woman set on establishing her biotech company as the best in its field. After a conference in Miami, Maya unexpectedly finds herself face to face with none other than Alex, her ex-fiancé. Passion flares between them, but they are two very different people now.

He wants nothing to do with a career-minded woman, but can’t deny his attraction to his first love. . .

Alex’s ex-wife was a driven medical student who wasn’t about to let either her husband or their child get in the way of her career. After their divorce, Alex changes his plans and becomes a pediatrician so he can care for his young child. He is a protective single dad and wants to provide a stable family life for his daughter. When Maya comes back into his life, he realizes that his love for her is still strong and wants nothing more than to have her in his life, but is she willing to sacrifice her hard-won career or will his heart and his daughter’s be broken once again?


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