To Catch Her man

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  • Chicklit RomanceWriters: 9/10. “With a little bit of mystery, a good dose of loving, and a lot of great girl talk. . .a novel that all chick lit readers will want to add to their collection!”
  • Fresh Fiction: “It should be the dream of all women to have friends such as these characters. The relationships between the men and women of this story are passionate and solid. Caridad Piñeiro captures character qualities and weaves them into fresh fabric of paper print, page after wonderful page.”
  • Harriet Klausner: “(A) terrific South Florida investigative romantic suspense thriller. Sylvia is a superb protagonist as she distrusts Carlos although attracted to him; partly she believes deeply men leave as her father proved, but also thinks he is hiding the truth especially his role in a cop shooting.”
  • “The stories of Caridad Pineiro always showcase her wide range of abilities. Whether the story is darkly intriguing and features one of her original paranormal beings or concerns topics faced by today’s women, Ms. Pineiro deftly handles the subject and captivates readers with her storytelling ability. When depicting the lives of these four friends, there is often a constant emotional battle to be won or a significant decision to be made, one which will often affect all of their lives in some way. . .speaks to women everywhere with its powerful story about friendship, where emotion is sincerely portrayed by the unforgettable characters.”
  •”Even though this was a sequel, I didn’t feel particularly put off during reading it because of that. I, of course, now want to read the first one, but I don’t feel it’s a necessity to do so to enjoy this book. I enjoyed this book a lot not only because . . .it showed five (watch out for Sylvia’s mum!) successful women who built it all themselves and are now enjoying the best out of life. Caridad does well not only exploring the relationships of younger women but also in exploring the relationships of the forty-somethings who society sometimes forgets about in the romantic realm. This book is perfect for a bit of light (and hot!) reading for the last days you can manage to get on the beach this season or during your candlelit baths.”
  • Fallen Angel Reviews: “(A) tale of friendship, family and finding the trust that dwells within the heart. I loved this book, loved the way Sylvia evolves with each page turned. Her friends are more than friends, they are sisters of her heart. They never fail to support her, especially when she needs it most. Carlos is the perfect hero. Tall, dark and sexy, with a heart that shines through despite Sylvia’s denial of her growing feelings. He is patient, thoughtful and compassionate. Caridad Pineiro has a winner with this book. I loved it and I am sure others will, too. . .wild and witty with a generous helping of romance. A truly wonderful book!”


Truth tries the bond between a reporter and the detective who nearly died for her.

Handsome cop Carlos Ramirez nearly lost his life protecting reporter Sylvia Amenabar after her investigative report went south. Carlos knows Sylvia is a tough nut with lots of relationship issues, but he’s never been one to give up without a fight. Even if Sylvia has a lot of luggage she’s carrying into their new relationship.

Sylvia has never had time for a real relationship. She’s too busy trying to make a name as one of Miami’s top journalists. Besides, she’s seen what can happen when you make bad choices. Her mother had made that kind of mistake with Sylvia’s playboy father. But when her mother warns her that some men can start an itch that no amount of scratching can stop, Sylvia worries that Carlos might just be that itch.

When her latest investigative report threatens to ruin her best friend’s boyfriend and implicates Carlos as well, Sylvia finds she must discover the truth and clear Carlos—or lose the things she holds most dear.


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TO CATCH HER MAN Romantic Suspense from Dangerous Dozen Boxed Set – Part 2 by Caridad Pineiro

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