The First Latino Romance Line

    Back in 1999, Kensington Publishing launched the first ever Latino Romance line. I was one of the authors to help launch that line with NOW AND ALWAYS, my very first novel. It was an exciting experience resulting in appearances on various television shows and a CNN interview that unfortunately got bumped by more important news.

    The original novels contained the stories in both English and Spanish in one edition. Spanish-only editions were also released. Eventually, the line became English-only and Spanish-only editions.

    Unfortunately, in 2001 the line went into hiatus. In 2012, I got back the rights to these novels and will be updating and re-releasing them. Check out my website at www.charitypineiro.com to find out more about these re-releases.

Booklist for Encanto Novels by Caridad Scordato (that’s me!)

  • NOW AND ALWAYS Sep 1999 ISBN 0786006668 Encanto
  • FAITH IN YOU Feb 2000 ISBN 0786010576 Encanto
  • BETTER THAN EVER Aug 2000 ISBN 0786011378 Encanto
  • ALL MY LOVE Feb 2001 ISBN 0786012803 Encanto
  • THE PERFECT MIX Jul 2001 ISBN 0786012765 Encanto
  • FELIZ NAVIDAD Oct 2001 ISBN 0786012528 Encanto

Novels and Reviews

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR – Never Released

  • Rookie of the YearI had written a great duet of stories revolving around a fictional New Jersey baseball team. I had the cover flats and was waiting for release of the book in February 2002, but unfortunately the line was shut down before the release. I’ve been working on updating these stories and hope to release them in 2014.

FELIZ NAVIDAD – October 2001

    Feliz Navid

  • Romantic Times Magazine: “The importance of family and cultural traditions add a richness that enhances this love story.”
  • Top Ten Pick for Romance Readers – About.com
  • The Romance Readers Connection: “This is a romantic story about two people who have forgotten what it’s like to have a life of business and pleasure. If you’re looking for something light to read, I recommend this book.”

THE PERFECT MIX – August 2001

    The Perfect Mix

  • Romantic Times Magazine: “A wonderful story of dreams realized and the importance of communications are showcased nicely.”

ALL MY LOVE – February 2001

    I received the cover flats for ALL MY LOVE and prepared to do some promo, but received a call that the cover was being changed to the “cartoon covers” that had become so popular at the time. So here are the two different covers that were used on ALL MY LOVE.

All My LoveAll My Love

  • Romantic Times: “In ALL MY LOVE/TODO MI AMOR (4) by Caridad Scordato, Daisy Ramos is a gorgeous genius who words with her equally gorgeous partner Brad Evans. But Brad is a known bachelor and Daisy has her doubts whether he will ever give up being a bachelor for her or anyone else. Can Brad convince Daisy that he is ready to get serious and that he wants to share his life with her and only her? Caridad Scordato has done it again with this enticing sensual tale.”
  • Affaire de Coeur: “This sequel to BETTER THAN EVER has even more charm than its predecessor. It’s fun to revisit these characters and interesting to see some of the same events from a different angle. It’s also enlightening to see the past that motivates them. Worth picking up!”

BETTER THAN EVER – August 2000

    Better Than Ever

  • Romantic Times: “Ex-lovers meet again in . . . Scordato’s sexy BETTER THAN EVER . . . (a) second chance at love can be just as delicious as the first.”
  • Thumbs up! Addicted2romancebooks.com: “The love between Alex and Maya is mucho HOT! There are scenes in the book that will burn your fingers while turning the pages and the way Maya comes to love Samantha will warm your heart. The secondary characters will give you giggles. . . It’s a great story with sensual love scenes and caring moments to tear ya up a bit.”
  • HUNTRESS BOOK REVIEWS: “A lovely and heart warming story. Well detailed, flows smoothly, and very realistic! I am happy to be able to recommend this wonderful story to readers everywhere!”

FAITH IN YOU- February 2000

    Faith in You

  • Affaire de Coeur: “Scordato pens a truly charming inter-cultural romance . . . Her lively writing style makes this Encanto romance a page-turner. “
  • Romantic Times: “Opposites attract . . . He’s an Anglo scrooge; she’s a charming Cuban beauty. . . Scordato’s sequel to NOW AND ALWAYS is fast-paced and romantic.”

NOW AND ALWAYS – September 1999

    Now and Always

  • Romantic Times: “Scordato ignites her own brand of Miami heat in this sexy and humorous romance.”
  • Urban Latino: “What makes this book special is its distinctly Latino feel…truly compelling.”
    Rendezvous: “. . . a fast-paced, well-developed plot . . . anxiously await other books by this gifted author!”
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “. . . a compelling love story. . . beautifully imbued with details of everyday life in Miami’s Latin culture.”