moonfever.jpg MOON FEVER
October 2007
Pocket Books
ISBN-10: 1416514902
ISBN-13: 978-1416514909
Genre: Paranormal Anthology
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  • RT BOOKCLUB: 4 Stars. “The moon is full, meaning danger and romance abound in this hot new anthology from established and rising stars. This cross section of the paranormal genre sparkles with thrills and passion.”
  • Alternative-Worlds: ” “Crazy for the Cat” by Caridad Pineiro. Deep in the Amazon, Javier da Costa guides scientist Jessica Morales only to find danger under every bush. Readers will fully enjoy biting into these four thrilling paranormal romances that run the gamut of the supernatural.”
  • Romance Reviews Today: “A dark tale of love, lust, and revenge lies at the heart of Crazy for the Cat. Jessica is a fairly single-minded woman who is a bit difficult to like. Add to that the taciturn but gorgeous Javier da Costa with secrets of his own and the stage is set for an explosive romance. The moon is said to have many powers, and her affects are felt in MOON FEVER. Enjoy four entertaining stories with adventurous heroines and the heroes who try to tame them.”
  • Fresh Fiction: “An action-packed collection of novellas with erotic romance heating up every page.”
  • Bella Online: “For me, the pleasant surprise here was Ms. Pineiro’s story. I liked Jessica and Javier very much, and the jungle heat has nothing on their chemistry. For these two stories alone, I’m borrowing four of Cupid’s five arrows.”
  • Romance Junkies, 4.5 Stars: “This is shapeshifting with a feline bent; fast paced and interesting with a touch of magic. There is action, danger and a really hot romance in this tale and I enjoyed the setting and the story tremendously. Jessica is a woman with a mission; easy to understand and like. Javier is extremely sexy, aloof at first because Jessica is an outsider. The mythos and premise behind this tale are fascinating and I really found myself turning the pages for the conclusion.”

Danger and passion are bound together in the moon’s bright light. . . .

Award-Winning Author Caridad Pineiro joins with
New York Times bestselling author
New York Times bestselling author
USA TODAY Bestselling author


MOON FEVER is a luminescent collection of paranormal stories by four stellar romance authors will send shivers of fear—and desire—down your spine.

Lycanthropy takes an exotic tropical twist in “Crazy for the Cat” by CARIDAD PIÑEIRO. When scientist Jessica Morales travels to the Amazon jungle, she discovers that beneath the savage grace of her local guide, the handsome Javier da Costa, lurks a hidden wildness that is as tempting as it is dangerous.

In “Tempting Fate” by SUSAN SIZEMORE, Desiree dreams she spent a passion-filled night with her favorite rock star Jon Coyote . . . and that he revealed he was a vampire. But when Desiree discovers she is mysteriously pregnant, her erotic fantasy takes a strangely realistic turn.

An angry ghost is haunting Caroline’s house in “The Darkness Within” by award-winning author MAGGIE SHAYNE. But when sexy private investigator Johnny Lipton offers to help discover what is going on, Caroline suspects that he has a personal interest in her ghost—and in her.

In “Cobwebs Over the Moon” by LORI HANDELAND, Manhattanite Carly Kelly is pursued by werewolves across the wintry Alaskan wilderness, and only ruggedly handsome soldier Dylan Shepard stands between her and certain death.