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Book 1, Part 1: A Wolf Alone
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Book 1, Part 2: War Approaches
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Book 1, Part 1: A Wolf Alone
Catalina de Villalobos is a wolf like no other, a wolf alone in her pack. Next in line to be the head of the prosperous Villalobos clan, Catalina knows that her path to leadership is complicated by the unusual nature of her werewolf state and her love for a human, Ramon Santander, the pack’s physician.

Unlike the other Villalobos wolves, Catalina cannot control her wolf during her monthly transformation, but she is stronger than any other wolf in that state as well as in her human condition. For that reason, Catalina hunts the vampires who kill humans almost every day of her life. Only during her transformation is she free of that burden. But when the wolf emerges during her lunar cycle, only pleasure-pain can help her keep the wolf at bay for a very short time until she morphs into a mindless animal.

As Catalina approaches her twenty-fifth birthday, she is facing a challenge to her leadership from within the pack, the threat of an undead uprising, and the possibility that her father will make her mate with whatever alpha male wins the Gauntlet, a dangerous contest designed to weed out the weak.

Will Catalina fight off the challenges to her leadership and guide her pack in the battle against the vampires or will she sacrifice everything for the human she loves?

Book 1, Part 2: War Approaches

Undead2smallAs the heir to the alpha position of the Villalobos werewolf clan, Catalina de Villalobos has been fighting the undead for years, but in recent months, the vampires have become bolder and more organized. When the vampires dare to go on the offensive and attack the Villalobos pack members, Catalina knows that can mean only one thing: War.
Catalina is not eager to battle the undead because it will risk the lives of her pack members and for too long, she has longed for peace for her people. But the vampires daring attacks may not leave her any choice.

Complicating matters, her father has called for the Gauntlet, an ancient Villalobos rite that will pit prospective shifter suitors against each other in order to win Catalina’s hand in marriage and a place as second-in-command to the very alpha Catalina.

Catalina wants only one man at her side, but the clan’s human physician is forbidden to her. Instead, Catalina is faced with the prospect of being mated to one of the clan’s most powerful, but untrustworthy, werewolf.


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